RR-WC-12 wheel cribs

Race Ramps Wheel Cribs

Wheel Cribs are a safe, lightweight alternative to jack stands. they cradle the tire 8 inches, 10 inches, or 12 inches off the ground (depending on the model), providing unobstructed access underneath the car. Each crib supports 1,500 pounds (3,000 pounds per pair) and weighs as little as 5 pounds each. Using the appropriate Wheel Cribs in conjunction with Race Ramps service ramps allows your car to be level while raised. It’s a good idea to confirm that your floor jack has enough range to lift your car high enough to slip a wheel crib beneath the tires before ordering a set.

2-piece wheel cribs

2-Piece Wheel Cribs

2-Piece Wheel Cribs come as a stacked assembly of two interlocking pieces of equal height. This design allows the vehicle to be lifted incrementally providing clearance for a floor jack and a spacer. You can use one set as either two 8”/10”/12” cribs or four 4”/5”/6” cribs when the set is split (heights depend on which model you purchase). 

RR-WC-8 close up
RR-WC-10 display
RR-WC-12 wheel cribs under rear wheels