RR-TR-10-2 with Race Car

Trailer Ramps

Race Ramps standard trailer ramp models range in height from 4" to 11". The number in the trailer ramp model designates the height of the ramp. The incline angles range from 4.3˚ to 8.7˚ and the lengths range from 45" to 131". Reverse Logic offers several custom Race Ramps trailer ramps featuring 2-stage incline or progressive incline designs with angles as low as 2.2 degrees to accommodate very low ground clearance cars. The "RLL" prefix in the model number designates a custom ramp and the number indicates the overall ramp length.


Choosing the Correct Trailer Ramp

Race Ramps trailer ramps are 14" wide with the exception of the RR-TR-8 ramps which are 16" wide. The length of the trailer ramps includes the step at the higher end of the ramp which is typically 5" long. This step can be 2", 2.5". or 3" deep depending upon the ramp model. In practice, if the thickness of your trailer door or existing metal trailer ramps is within 1/2" of the depth of the step you won't have a problem with the ramps.

As a general rule of thumb, choose the ramp with the steepest slope that still fits under your bumper, splitter, or air dam in order to minimize the break-over angle. Another rule of thumb is that the slope of the Race Ramps should be at least 2/3 of the incline of the trailer door or existing metal ramps when placed on the trailer ramp step. For example, if you use a ramp with a 5˚ incline and the trailer door is positioned at a 10˚ angle, then there is a good chance that you will plow into the trailer door.

Reverse Logic offers specialty Race Ramps trailer ramps which solve complex car-to-ramp clearance issues. For example, the RLL-TR-87-2 ramp is a two-stage incline design with an initial incline of 6.8 degrees that transitions to 10.8 degrees before reaching a height of 12". This relatively tall ramp model works well with trailers having a high deck height.

Use the Reverse Logic Trailer Ramp Calculator to help choose the best ramp for your car/trailer combination.

Progressive Incline Value Add

Progressive Incline trailer ramps feature an increasing incline angle rather than a simple constant slope. This design feature shortens the length of the ramp by up to one third compared to a constant slope ramp with the same initial incline as a given Progressive Incline ramp. The curved top of the Progressive Incline ramps fits under low ground clearance cars and sweeps up to match the increasing approach angle of your car as it climbs the ramps.

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