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Combo Model 3, Model Y Low Profile Jack Pad Tool

The Reverse Logic second-generation low profile Model 3/Model Y jack pad tool incorporates a retractable magnet that attaches the tool to the chassis. This unique "floating" magnet design compensates for small variations in the depth and shape of the jack point location hole and prevents the magnet from ever supporting the weight of the car.

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Tesla Model 3 jack pad
Tesla Model S•X

Combo Model S, Model X Jack Pad Tool

The second-generation Model S•X jack pad tool accommodates the slight differences between the Tesla Model S and Model X vehicle jack points. The redesigned jack pad eliminates the need for two separate tools for the Model S and Model X and functions equally well in both chassis. Even though the new jack pad is 4mm taller than the original Reverse Logic Model S and Model X jack pads, a clever feature allows four tools to be stored in a compact 7" by 3" tube.

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Jack pad tools for Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 chassis.