R35JPT for Nissan GT-R (Revision 2)

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When inserted into the pockets of the GT-R jack points the R35JPT jack pad tool protects the side skirts and undercarriage from being damaged by a floor jack. When used in sets of four, the R35JPT tools obviate the need for the special lifts used by authorized Nissan GT-R dealers. The jack points on a Nissan GT-R are much larger than those used on BMWs. However, the pocket in the jack point is very similar in size to the pockets in a typical BMW jack point. Like our BMW jack pad tools, the GT-R tool uses Silicone plugs to hold the jack pad tool in place while a floor jack or the arms of a four-arm lift are maneuvered into place under the jack point.

The most recent design uses a slightly longer block than the original R35 jack pad tool offered by Reverse Logic. The longer block has a shallow counter bore for the collar of the Silicone plug. This design increases the life of the Silicone plugs.

This tool must be used with a floor jack which has at least a 3" diameter saddle.

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