Pair of Pivot-Top™ Posts w/blocks for ESCO 10498/10499 Jack Stands

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Reverse Logic stainless steel Pivot-Top™ posts with swiveling aluminum blocks are compatible with ESCO model 10498 and 10499 jack stands. The ESCO jack stands are not included with the posts. The blocks fit all BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan GT-R jack points with integrated vehicle jack pockets in the chassis jack points. The blocks rotate 360˚ and swivel 9˚ in all directions. This feature allows the blocks to be aligned with the jack point pockets without having to rotate the entire jack stands.

The lift range when using the Pivot-Top posts is a nominal 11" to 15" for the 10499 stands and 13" to 17" for the taller 10498 stands.

The blocks are held in place with a spiral retaining clip. A heavy duty snap ring prevents the post from falling through the outer tube when the jack stand locking pin is removed.

The posts and blocks are sold in pairs and are made in the USA.

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