ESCO 10499 Jack Stands - 11" to 17"

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Product Details
  • Removable Rubber Flat Top
  • 7 Adjustable Positions (5 w/Pivot-Top™ post)
  • Circular Base Pads for Maximum Stability
  • Sold in pairs

ESCO 10499 jack stands are smaller versions of the highly regarded ESCO 10498 which are known for their sturdy design and flat top rubber padded saddle. The 10499 stands have a minimum height of about 11" and a maximum height of about 17" with the flat top posts. The tripod legs are about 10" apart on the 10499 model. There are 4 holes in the solid steel post which are spaced about 50mm apart. The 10499 stands have two holes in the outer steel tube so the post can be positioned at 7 different heights.

The ESCO 10499 stands are also available with a custom stainless steel Pivot-Top™ post with a pivoting block or a pivoting 63mm diameter pad. The 52mm by 30mm x 28mm block fits the jack points on BMW/MINI, Nissan GT-R, and Mercedes-Benz chassis jack points. The range of the 10499 stand with the custom post is 11" to 15". The Pivot-Top™ posts are also available separately to customers who already own a set of ESCO jack stands.

The 10499 stands are designed for cars which have low ground clearance and jack points between the front and rear axles.

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