ESCO 10498 Jack Stands - 13" to 21"

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Product Details
  • Removable Rubber Flat Top
  • 9 Adjustable Positions (5 w/Pivot-Top™ post)
  • Circular Base Pads for Maximum Stability
  • Sold in pairs

ESCO 10498 jack stands are highly regarded and known for their sturdy design and flat top rubber padded saddle. The 10498 stands have a minimum height of about 13" and a maximum height of about 21". The tripod legs are about 12" apart on the standard 10498 model. There are 5 holes in the solid steel post which are spaced about 50mm apart.

The ESCO 10498 stands are also available with a custom stainless steel Pivot-Top™ post with a pivoting block or a pivoting 63mm diameter pad. The 52mm by 30mm x 28mm block fits the jack points on BMW/MINI, Nissan GT-R, and Mercedes-Benz chassis jack points. The range of the 10498 stand with the custom post is 13" to 17". The Pivot-Top™ posts are also available separately to customers who already own a set of ESCO jack stands.

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