Tesla Model Y jack pad
Jack pad tool in Tesla Model Y chassis.

Chassis Specific Jack Pads

Do-it-yourselfers who are passionate about their cars will appreciate the innovative and practical solution that Reverse Logic jack pad tools offer. Most of our chassis specific tools hang from the jack points of your car and prevent damage to the side skirts and undercarriage of your car while using a floor jack.

Our tools with spring loaded bullet latches fit many Mercedes-Benz chassis introduced after the 2000 model year. Late model BMW, MINI Cooper, Mercedes-Benz chassis and the Nissan GT-R will accept our jack pad tools with silicone plugs which retain the tools in place.

Our jack pad tool for Corvette C5/C6/C7/C8 chassis allows the tool to be used in one of two ways. It can be suspended from the jack point or secured in place for extended maintenance periods.

The jack pad tool for Porsche uses a custom T-nut sized to fit the oval hole in the jack point of Porsche 964, 991, 996, 986, 997, 987, and 981 chassis.

Tesla Model S•X and Model 3•Y chassis specific jack pad tools are the latest addition to the Reverse Logic jack pad product line. More details about the tools are available in the drop down menu selections under Jack Pads.

R35JPT for Nissan GT-R (Revision 2)

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Product Details

When inserted into the pockets of the GT-R jack points the R35JPT jack pad tool protects the side skirts and undercarriage from being damaged by a floor jack. When used in sets of four, the R35JPT tools obviate the need for the special lifts used by authorized Nissan GT-R dealers. The jack points on a Nissan GT-R are much larger than those used on BMWs. However, the pocket in the jack point is very similar in size to the pockets in a typical BMW jack point. Like our BMW jack pad tools, the GT-R tool uses Silicone plugs to hold the jack pad tool in place while a floor jack or the arms of a four-arm lift are maneuvered into place under the jack point.

The most recent design uses a slightly longer block than the original R35 jack pad tool offered by Reverse Logic. The longer block has a shallow counter bore for the collar of the Silicone plug. This design increases the life of the Silicone plugs.

This tool must be used with a floor jack which has at least a 3" diameter saddle.

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