RR-XT-2 and RR-RU

Jack Assist Ramps

Trak-Jax, Scale Ramps, Roll-Ups

Trak-Jax are lightweight, durable ramps that get low ground clearance cars up 3" high. This is normally enough lift to fit a standard floor jack under the central jacking point of a car. At less than 5 pounds each and only 30" long, the ramps will easily fit into the trunk of a sports car.

The low height of the Trak-Jax ramps allows you to place them behind the front wheels or ahead of the rear wheels. This configuration allows you to drive up the ramps and still have room to maneuver your floor jack beneath the side jack points on your car.

RR-SCALE-2 Scale Ramps are similar to Trak-Jax except they are only 2.5" high. Although intended to be used with racing scales, for some vehicle/floor jack combinations, Scale Ramps can also be used as jack assist ramps.

Roll-Ups are designed to be used in conjunction with Race Ramps service ramps. They raise the opposite end of the vehicle up 4 inches. Roll-Ups can also be used as jack assist ramps in place of Trak-Jax for cars which have a little extra ground clearance.

Heavy Duty option

Reverse Logic offers Trak-Jax, Scale Ramps, and Roll-Ups with a Heavy Duty option. The heavy duty ramps, with a 5000 pound per pair capacity, can withstand the extra abuse in a commercial shop environment. Heavy duty Roll-Ups are helpful for raising the rear axle of a tow vehicle in order to lower the tail end of a car trailer.