Multi-vehicle 52mm x 20mm x 19mm

Jack Pad Tools for BMW/MINI

The dimensions of the blocks on our multi-vehicle tools allow them to be used in all late model BMW vehicles. The MV52-30-28 (28mm high) jack pad tool also fits most non-AMG Mercedes-Benz chassis and the Nissan GT-R. The shorter MV52-30-19 (19mm high) tool fits all BMWs, the Nissan GT-R and Mercedes vehicles which use the W221 jack point. The multi-vehicle  jack pad tools do not  hang from chassis jack points. 

Multi-Vehicle Jack Pad Tool (tall)

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The aluminum block on the MV52-30-28 jack pad tool measures 52mm long by 30mm wide by 28mm high. These dimensions allow this tool to be used with cars that have an integrated vehicle jack pocket in the factory jack points. This includes most modern BMWs, MINIs, non-AMG Mercedes, and the Nissan GT-R. For floor jacks with removable saddles, the optional 30mm or 25mm diameter pin allows use of the tool without a floor jack saddle. A low profile floor jack is normally required to use this tool. Unlike our other chassis specific jack pad tools below, this mutli-vehicle tool does not hang from the factory jack points. The “universal” dimensions of the block preclude this feature from being incorporated into the MV52-30-28 jack pad tool model.

This tool must be used with a floor jack which has at least a 3" diameter saddle.

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