2-Stage Incline Service Ramps

RR-72-2 service ramp drawing

Low Ground Clearance? No Problem

For some cars with very low ground clearance, the 10.8˚constant incline of the RR-56 or RR-XT (67”) Race Ramps is too steep. For these cases Race Ramps offers optional XTender Ramps with a 6.8˚ incline. An alternative solution to XTenders is 2-Stage Incline ramps. The designation "2-Stage" indicates that the ramp features two distinct inclines over the length of the ramp. Anyone who has been contemplating the purchase of the standard ramps with the optional XTenders should consider the 2-Stage Incline Ramp solution which is less expensive and more convenient to handle and store.

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Combo Service/Trailer Ramps

Reverse Logic offers a third 2-Stage Incline Ramp model, the RLL-80-2. This ramp features an invertible incline section, which can be used as a 6” high trailer ramp. The 9” high platform section of the RLL-80-2 ramp is cradle shaped to help keep the tires in position when the opposite end of the car is raised with a floor jack. The RLL-80-2 ramp is not available with the Heavy Duty option.

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